🇸🇰SlovakiaTech 2023 proved to be a unique opportunity to immerse into the global revolution of AI.
At its 5th edition SlovakiaTech, the largest tech conference in Slovakia, offered over 2,500 attendees to meet with 100+ speakers from around the world, to mingle, network and present several interesting technologies.
I had the pleasure of taking the stage twice, and share with the vibrant audience some of my experience on building a resilient and successful startup ecosystem, and on a higher level, forging a strong personal and national commitment for a strong economy, based on shared values and goals of its citizens.

– Have a purpose, a goal to achieve
– No one will do for you more than you will do for yourself
– People forge alliances and keep each other’s back
– Inspiration is short lasting and success needs a long runway
– Startups are people before technology
– Standing out takes energy and character, but once you try it, you will never stop
– AI is the future, but must be controlled. No sense in stopping its progress!
– It’s never too late to start doing, keep dreaming and hoping but also doing!

👏🏻Big Thanks to Laura Miškovová and the Slovak Embassy in Israel for inviting me to participate.
Thanks to my new friends and partners in Slovakia, for your warm welcome and for the activities to come🙂
Thanks to the great lineup of speakers and to the vibrant audience for making the conference a success!

Slovakia – The Technology Talent Hub 2023

🇸🇰Slovakia – The Technology Talent Hub event offered a great opportunity to meet new friends and potential partners as well as to learn about the opportunities for collaboration and teaming up with Slovakian companies, professional workforce and discussions with government officials.

👏🏻Thanks Dusan Duffek Managing Partner at Zero One Hundred for the invitation to participate and for the opportunity to meet Michaela Krskova- Chief Innovation Officer Slovakian Government, as well as Peter Kolesar partner at CIVITTA and Andrej Petrus investor at Zaka VC, Majo Porvažník manager at Vacuum Group, Shahar Matorin country manager at Startup Grind, Dan Gildoni CEO at PlaceSense and Michal Dobrovic.

I warmly recommend looking into the opportunities mentioned, and looking forward to share more after visiting Bratislava in the coming months😊

Finweek Bratislava 2021

FinweekBratislava 2021 gave a great opportunity to touch on challenges and opportunities of Fintech global wide, including blockchain, crypto, insurtech, cyber technologies evolving.

Zero trust has a tremendous effect on the #banking system and entrepreneurs know Fintech solutions come from innovative minds.

Finweek Bratislava 2021

🔊 Delighted to participate as keynote speaker in Finweek Bratislava, discussing about “Rise of Bank Transformation by Fintech Companies & Climate Fintech”.

If money is the ultimate commodity, how can Fintechs build products that remain differentiated and create lasting value over time?💰

More information: https://finweek.sk/en/finweek-2021-2/

Stay tuned for the answer👇
On October 27th, 2021
14:00 – 14:30

Registration for physical attendees – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finweek-bratislava-tickets-192163876327

Registration for virtual attendees – https://www.eventbrite.com/e/finweek-bratislava-virtual-tickets-192241488467

COINTT 2021 Slovak Republic

🔊I’m delighted to be a keynote speaker in COINTT 2021, organized by the Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Slovak Republic. 🇸🇰

The mission of the Cooperation Innovation Technology Transfer (COINTT) conference is to draw the attention of the #academic, #professional, and #business to the issues of technology transfer, protection of intellectual property, innovation, and business support.

I will be speaking about the importance of constant discussions and cooperation between academy and industry, sharing current and future needs of the industry, and expect the academy to make the adjustment to deliver the best educated and oriented workforce upon graduation. For more about my lecture: https://cointt.sk/session/co-prinesie-plan-obnovy-do-systemu-vedy-vyskumu-a-inovacii/

See you on October 19th, 2021 🗓