GEW2018 Event

Enjoyed an awesome visit to Tashkent during GEW2018. We’ve hit the news! signing a partnership with Uzbekistan Youth Council, to initiate a entrepreneurship training program. Met with distinguished Vice Minister for Innovation and staff, as well as First Deputies of Uzbekistan Youth Council and Management of Holon Institute of technology. Enjoyed excellent company, food, dancing and scenery of Tashkent. Many thanks to Israel Ambassador Mr. Eddie ShapiraАкселератор Бизнеса GroundZero management Hikmat AbdurahmanovAbdulahad Kuchkarov & Zukhra Abdurakhmanova for the warm welcoming and hospitality. I look forward to my next visit and fruitful cooperation, Xayr. Salomat bo’ling to all my friends and see you soon.
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

GEW Uzbekistan 2017

WOW, What a Day!!! Seeing is believing, but Doing is confirming.
Attending the first GEW event in Uzbekistan, as keynote speaker, in Youth Association and Presidential University, many TV interviews and lots of excitement.
More to come tomorrow at Ground Zero….
Thank you Ambassador Eddie Shapira, lovely Yuliya Olkhovskaya and Mr. Hikmat Abdurahmanov for your support and efforts.

Meeting with Minister of ICT and Rector of INHA University in Uzbekistan 2017

Pleasure meeting Mr. Olimjon Umarov, First Deputy Minister of ICT in Uzbekistan Government and Mr. Sarvar Babakhodjaev, Rector of INHA University, to discuss ways to promote the startups community and ecosystem in both skills and performance.

Lectures, Workshops… in Uzbekistan 2017

Second exciting day of lectures, starting with SW development students in Inha University in Tashkent, and a tour of it’s new innovation center, followed by a workshop session to startups and entrepreneurs at GroundZero co-sharing office.
Cocktail party at ambassador Eddie Shapira signaled the end of my visit to Uzbekistan and start of my journey to my next stop, IDM Südtirol-Alto Adige, South Tyrol Italy.