How to build Startup Ecosystem?

Startup communities are popping up all over the country and around the world, with varying success rates. Key ingredients: great ideas, creativity, resources, customers.


How to build National Ecosystem
(Governments, SMB, Municipailities)?

With 20+ countries’ experiences, learn how to develop and build strong National Ecosystem with cooperation of government, SMBs and municipalities.


How to become Accelerator Manager?

Accelerator systems are different precisely because of their particular mutually beneficial nature – one that companies as well as corporates will appreciate.

On the one hand, startups will gain capital and more business opportunities through the partnership’s network and work structure, while on the other hand, businesses have the unique opportunity to digitize their activities and pursue creative transformations through bright new startups.


Training for CyberSecurity

The training on cybersecurity has become more important than ever for businesses of all sizes. Breaches of data and hacking happen in an organization at all stages. This includes your front-line staff, who may not fully understand their role in protecting the valuable properties, customer information, and IT systems of your company. Our cybersecurity training helps the workers learn on their own time what they need to know about cybersecurity.



Marketing and Sales training for Managers

This course is for sales manager or a person considering being manager. You will learn how to create a flexible sales process with this course, how to identify your target market and construct training, recruiting, coaching and onboarding programs to help the sales team grow better.


HR and Team building

Team building can play a huge role in strengthening a corporate culture and a great tool for an efficient organization. With this course we will look into why team building can play an important role in any sector. We’ll also check if dividends can be added to streamlining HR Management.



This is defined as “given” or “free” media — stories that appear on blogs, newspapers, magazines, and television programs — as contrasted with “paid media” or ads. Marcom Systems believes effective communication is a cornerstone of business success. Taking an impactful marketing campaign together requires passion clarity imagination and the greatest possible attention to detail. To get your customers to the PR, you create a friendly relationship with consumers and media organizations to captivate the main goals.


Creativity and Innovation

Creativity is the thinking, innovation is the implementation. Being creative in your everyday working life is a sure way of excelling and advancing your career along a fast track. Continuing with the status quo may seem like a safe option, but in the long run it will be more risky to get out there and try new things or create new goods, solutions, processes or services.