Blockchain Leadership Summit

Attention all you Blockchain Techies ⌨
I will be Anchorman of Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018.
Here are some major facts about the event you need to know:

► 45 BC Leaders, 70 Speakers, 2,500 BC Enthusiasts!
► 30 hours for 30% discount, 120 hours to Blastoff
► Awesome Blockchain startups & companies, investors & stakeholders
► Renowned Leading companies: Novartis, PwC, IBM, Ripple, IOTA,
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Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! See you Friday 😊

Blockchain Leadership Summit 2018

1st day of Blockchain Leadership Summit was awesome, diversified and informative. Had the pleasure of meeting the Prince of #Lichtenstein and the Prime Minister of #Malta as well as opinion leaders, international, startups and a receptive audience. 2nd day as Master of Ceremony starts tomorrow.