GYTPOL 2.0 Live Summit was an incredible success, with over 200 enthusiastic attendees! The event brought together users and information security leaders from across Israel for a day filled with learning, networking, and innovation.

We kicked off the event with the exciting unveiling of GYTPOL 2.0, presented by CEO Tal Kollender, which included a comprehensive walkthrough of the new version’s capabilities and features.
Following this, I had the privilege of moderating a panel with esteemed professionals: Haim Inger (Clal Insurance and Finance), Avivit Kotler (Clalit Health Services), Alberto (Deto) Hasson (ICL Group), Roy Avrahami (Ashdod Port), and Chen Amram (El Al).

We discussed the current challenges in balancing business continuity and security, providing insightful tips and strategies for scalable security across various sectors like healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and public services.
The audience’s engagement and positive feedback were truly gratifying, underscoring the value of such gatherings in driving forward our collective cybersecurity capabilities.

2141 IGNITE Commander’s Club meeting yesterday, held at Unity offices in TLV, was delightful and engaging.

Three of our membering startups:, Digital Combat Academy LTD and Tiki pitched and shared their progress since our last session 2 months ago.
Our skilled mentors shared their experience, best practices and helpful advice. There’s no doubt about the struggle startups encounter, yet the presenters have shown resilience, progress and creativity in face of the harsh reality since October 7th.

🤝Amongst our mentors, it was nice to meet Amit Gorin- Intel Ignite operations and early stage startup community manager, Stas Nemirovsky- PM The Garage Microsoft, Alina Noy Ofir, Guy Avidan – VP R&D at Asgard Systems Ltd., Alon Ariel – Associate at Shibolet & Co. Hi-Tech practice, Nir Klaiman – Business Development Associate EY, Efi Minzer- CRO Lead Capital Group, Alon Silberberg- CEO YuviTal, Ehud Bar- CPA & Financial Advisor, Yoav Milo- CityZone TLV Municipality Urban Sandbox, Segev Riess, Nadav Hodeda Sharkany and others.

2141Ignite 2024

As part of launching the Data Center Incubator, I had the pleasure of conducting my first field trip together with Naomi Aldes – IT² Hub Tirat Carmel manager Inbar Berger- Community coordinator, to visit MedOne data center in Tirat Carmel, as well as to meet up with potential partners for the incubator, get some feedback, ideas and generally test the waters.

✨Our First stop was to meet with Eli Saig – MedOne CTO, and to experience up close the amazing Data Centers facility in Tirat Carmel, a vital bridge for telecom connectivity and traffic between the Middle East and Western Europe, enabling seamless communication and data exchange to many of Israel’s leading companies. It was my first encounter with a facility of such size, advancement and complexity, relating to resilience, sustainability, operation continuation, security, redundancy and state of the art infrastructure. I’m sure our incubator’s participants stand to gain an outstanding advantage from deploying, cooperating and being mentored by Eli and his team.

✨Our second stop was to meet with Yaakov Diminsky- CEO of Road2 Haifa, to discuss potential and ways to cooperate. Road2 is a major player in Israel’s northern region, in leading tech innovation especially in the clusters of Industry 4.0, AI (hosting Nvidia AI Lab), Digital health and sustainable energy.

✨Our third stop was in Tirat Carmel Industrial park, meeting Kobi Bella, CEO of Manager of Ofer park Tirat Carmel, hosting IT, Medical Devices and leading companies such as Qualcomm, Philips, Flextronics, and many others. I was delighted to visit and meet Tal Mansur- Community & Ops Manager of Mindspace Haifa, offering luxurious workspaces of the highest standards to international corporations, small businesses and startups.

It’s been an awesome and exciting day that motivated and filled me with expectation of what’s to come🙂

Registration, contact details and more about the program:

Cyber is a national sport in Israel, so I decided to visit Cybertech Global 2024, straight from gym and workout 🙂

From Tel Aviv and Rome, to Tokyo, Singapore, Panama, and more, Cybertech is the cyber industry’s foremost B2B networking platform conducting industry-related events all around the globe.
Top executives, government officials, leading decision-makers from a wide range of sectors including critical infrastructure, insurance, retail, health and government, defense, R&D, manufacturing and automotive all came together under on roof together with multinational corporations, startups, private and corporate investors, venture capital firms, experts, and clients.

It was also a great opportunity to meet with friends such as Batsheva Moshe GM Israel Wix, GYTPOL team- one of Israel’s best cyber startups, Snir Cohen and Bar Bikovsky (Tal Kollender you can be proud of your team!), Guy Navon, PhD CEO Discount Tech Bank, Nitzan Kish Argaman- CEO of Wonder JEWEL, and many others.

What did I learn?
Israel’s cyber resilience and ingenuity, are the best in the world! Proud to be amongst the brilliant and capable, all round amazing!

Great opportunity to mention the soon to launch Data Center Incubator in Tirat Carmel, in cooperation with municipality Innovation Hub, MedOne and Sarona Partners! Call out will launch next week, be sure to follow!

Excited to Lead Tirat Carmel Data Centers Tech Incubator!

🔊I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Tirat Carmel Innovation and Technology Incubator, operating within the municipality’s Innovation Hub!

This exciting initiative is a collaboration between Tirat Carmel Municipality, MedOne (Israel’s leading data center company), and Sarona Ventures Partners Group (an international VC fund). The program will focus on Data Centers critical technologies including Cyber security, Energy Efficiency, Communication, Computing & Data Storage, AI, Renewable Energy and more.

The global data center market is booming, estimated at USD 230 billion in 2023 and expected to reach $650 billion by 2034. Israel attracted global giants, alongside local giants like MedOne. MedOne, our key partner, is a pioneer in the Israeli market, providing comprehensive data center solutions and responsable to several major centers and projects.

✨I’m excited to collaborate with Sarona Partners, known for successful exits and a global network as well as with the newly rebranded Innovation Hub of Tirat Carmel. This marks my 22nd accelerator/incubator launch, and I’m committed to leveraging my experience for everyone’s benefit.
Our participants stand to gain business tools and training, deep understanding of data center tech challenges and direct access to customers, as well as mentorship, benefits and services in the hub.

We’ll soon launch our application process, seeking passionate startups with strong skills and hard work ethic, ambition and delivery capabilities and a desire to impact the data center industry.

🚀2141 IGNITE 2nd Batch Inaugural Meeting – Defining Objectives for the Next Six Months 🚀

I was delighted to attend and meet the startups of the 2nd cohort as well as the program’s amazing lineup of mentors.

2141 is a social initiative which aspires to form Israel’s future leadership. The club helps IDF Ex-Company Commanders, who have completed their service, to integrate into civilian life and begin a new path in their service to Israel.🇮🇱 Ex-company commanders are provided professional guidance, hands-on training, job placement, and visibility for key and influential positions in the financial and education realm, to guarantee the fortitude, strength and future of the State of Israel for the next foreseeable 120 years to come!

👏🏻Thanks Raz Eshel at 2141 Club for inviting me, and to Barak Nissan at Wix for the generous hospitality.

It was a remarkable evening filled with inspiration, innovation, and meaningful interactions among our dynamic group of startupers.

I wish our new cohort startups: Tiki, XTribute, Aliro, Wedge, and Digital Combat Academy (DCA), to enjoy the coming 6 months of hard work so as to best achieve their goals.

AI Implications in Business Transformation

Thanks Alex Lyhovez for inviting me to participate in a meetup about AI Implications in Business Transformation.👏🏻
I enjoyed the professional lectures and networking, as well as meeting friends and partners.
I met Lior Herman- Co-Founder & Managing Partner at the newly forming Space Fund TYPE5 – Venture Capital, intended to provide mid stage funding for start ups in the field of Space Tech and low earth orbit (LEO) applications.
The fund’s round is currently open, so if you’re into space, reach out for further details.
🛰️Since I’ve lately participated in EuroSpaceHub conference in Ibiza (partnered with VILNIUS TECH – Vilnius Gediminas Technical University- TTO) and currently a candidate to join the Board of Directors of Space Renaissance International (SRI), I find myself deeply immersed in many SpaceTech related topics.
I look forward to speaking at the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) 30th Workshop on Space Technology for Socio-Economic Benefits in Baku Azerbaijan (Sep. 29 – Oct. 1st), followed be IAC2023 The 74th International Astronautical Congress, in Baku, Azerbaijan (Oct 2th – Oct 6th). Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan🇦🇿, formerly managed by Mr. Rəşad Nəbiyev, currently Minister of Digital Development and Transport of Azerbaijan, is the leading force behind the development of the innovative space ecosystem in Azerbaijan and is the host & supporter of both events.
📌About TYPE5 VC:
📌For israeli Space related accelerators visit: iHLS Startup Accelerator & Innofense Innovation Center

I like it when a plan comes together🙂

Yesterday’s roadshow of Israel’s leading companies and accelerators hosting Doina Nistor Chief of Party, Future Technologies Activity and Sergiu Rabii Future Technologies Sector Director from Moldova, was productive and inspiring for all.

I can share some of the feedback and impression of my guests, first is that they are definitely returning to visit Israel again🙂

We visited, meeting with Darya Wertheim Head of Startup for Startup to learn about the essence of community building, as well as a successful Podcast amongst other topics. We met with IHLS accelerator and Innofense program, led by Guy Keren, Meital Keren and yours truly, to get a closer feel of the successful implementation of top down acceleration planning, starting with finding the customers and their needs and later onboarding relevant startups.

We are about to launch Innofense 4th cohort supported by the Ministry of Defense, MAF’AT (Administration for the Development of Weapons and Technological Infrastructure) and other Israel Defense Force Arms. After a delicious street food lunch, we headed to Microsoft for Startups (Reactor) program to meet with Nitzan Gal and discuss how a huge tech company such as Microsoft, handles growing and mentoring startups, as well as accommodating worldwide cooperation with an endless number of accelerators and incubators. We concluded with a discussion pointing to the needs, challenges and opportunities Moldova🇲🇩 is looking to tackle and accelerate on!

The Ecological Greenhouse

We had the pleasure of welcoming to The Ecological Greenhouse in Kibbutz Ein-Shemer, embassy representatives of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Faroe Islands, to discuss launching a cooperation on the topics of sustainability and its satellite topics of education, community, climate, art, agriculture, innovation and technology.
Our guests, now upgraded to be the Greenhouse Ambassadors, shared their excitement and appreciation from the creativity, atmosphere, innovation and pioneering spirit!♻️

Many thanks to: Mette Buskjær Rasmussen, Joanna Boquist, Sami Jääskeläinen, Sigrið Mohr Leivsdóttir, for your attention, cooperation and amazing feedback.
👏🏻 Special thanks to Udi Amrani and Noam Romano Krabbe for making the initial connection and nurturing the future collaboration.
Hug thanks to the Greenhouse devoted founding and management team: Avital Geva (awarded in May 2023 The Presidential Award for Volunteerism), Atar Geva, Noam Geva as well as to the other team members Gadi Nir, Malka, Yael, Sigal & Sana.
We look forward to continuing the discussions as well as welcome additional embassies to visit us and share the excitement and opportunity.

🇨🇦Enjoyed meeting new Canadian friends, during a reception hosted by Canadian Ambassador to 🇮🇱Israel Mrs. Lisa Stadelbauer. Also had the pleasure of meet Steven N. Liss, VP Research & Innovation, Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as other Innovation & Cyber professionals who joined CyberTech TLV 2023 and DLD from around the world.🌎

👏🏻Special thanks to Aran Navaratnam whom I had the pleasure to meet after years of remote communication and that openly shared his personal story and genuine excitement from the visit to Israel. ✔

Let’s see how the future unfolds.😊

CanAx Demoday 2023

CanAx 2nd cohort Demo Day was a success. 14 excited startuppers presented their innovations varying from Medical Cannabis, Drones, Gaming, AgroTech, e-Commerce to Mental health and Non-Lethal weapon. Our esteem investors shared their supportive feedbacks and invited some of the startups for further discussions.

As always, success is achieved in hard work, dedication, guidance and determination of all involved, with a clear target and realization regarding the roadmap ahead.

👏🏻Thank you Israel Birenbaum CanNegev Incubator CEO, as well as Ziv Bet-Or, Michali Beeri for your trust and support, allowing me to conduct the 2nd cohort of CanAx Accelerator based on my professional skills and experience.

Thanks to my amazing mentors: Shir Barnea, Moti Pinchas, Rachel Varsano-Rosenberg, Gadi Peretz, Guy Zbarsky, Yair Shraga Peled, Dr. Esther Luzzatto, Tamar Luzzatto, Amichai Yifrach, Ehud Laszlo, Michal Merten, Esti Fray and others.

Thank you Tal Ohana Mayor of Yeruham, dear investors, partners and supporters for your kind attention, valuable tips and continues involvement in CanNegev, Yeruham and Negev region.

To my dear startuppers, you have all demonstrated character, maturity and showmanship (& woman). You made us proud and motivated to continue our support and follow your future achievements.

See you in 3rd cohort, but sooner at DroneNegev May 2023.

CanAxAccelerator 2nd cohort at CanNegev

👏🏻 Thank you Esti Fray for a great lecture filled with valuable tips and insights regarding TikTok. It’s the 1st time this topic is presented in my accelerators and its about time! Startups should explore more about it.

Thanks also to Michal Merten for an insightful lecture regarding LinkedIn, which is undoubtfully an important platform for all businesses and definitely for startuppers.

The startuppers of CanAx Accelerator 2nd cohort at CanNegev, learned a lot from both of you and would use your tips to better expose their startups.

💢 Takeaways:
• Your profile is your face, it needs planning and maintenance
• Just get started, make content and start posting!
• Be ready to get some nasty comments, you don’t need to address everything people write?
• Consistency is imperative, continue posting on your page and your audience will build over time?
• LinkedIn is your priority when venturing into the business arena, people usually will search your presence there
• Use professional assistance to get started, although with some time and efforts you will be able to do it yourselves

⚠️ CanAx 2nd cohort Demo Day will take place on Wednesday, January 25th 16:00 at Cannegev Incubator in Yerucham, hosting investors, VCs and potential early adaptors, we’re gearing up for a great show!

We appreciate your support and look forward to meet you again.

MindCET- EdTech Innovation Week 2022

💥EdTech space is sizzling and booming worldwide. Educators, parents, and students have long complained about the one-size-fits-all model of schooling.

Edtech provides specially tailored access, on demand, to content at a pace students are comfortable with, immersing better navigation of resources, multimedia graphics and interactive elements such as Metaverse, allowing a more engaging educational experience. VC investment in edtech startups reached $20B worldwide in 2021, the year responsible for the birth of a 1/3rd of all Edtech Unicorns.🦄

These fact served as basis of Edtech week organized by MindCET, hosting international Edtech experts and audience as well as judging at GESAwards Israel Semifinals at Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

During the week I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Lina Antanavičienė Ambassador of LT to Isr and Mr. Arunas Karlonas, Commercial attache, hosting LT EdTech delegation joined by Indrė Šuolienė, Šarūnas Dignaitis- CEO at EdTech Lithuania, Andželika Rusteikienė- CEO at Lietuvos Junior Achievement, Aiste Krataviciute-Alisauskiene, as well as Jurgita Jaruševičienė CEO at Mokosi, one of Lithuania prominent EdTech startup!

𝐋𝐨𝐨𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐞𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐢𝐧 𝐕𝐢𝐥𝐧𝐢𝐮𝐬 𝐝𝐮𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐦𝐲 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐯𝐢𝐬𝐢𝐭 𝐨𝐧 𝐃𝐞𝐜. 8𝐭𝐡.

I hope this visit and discussions will mature into a viable collaboration for the greater good of #Edtech startups of both countries. 👏🏻Special thanks to MindCET management team Avi warshavsky, Lea Cecilia Waismann, Tal Redler and Tamar Sharon, for our long lasting partnership.

ISM University of Management and Economics 2022

🇱🇹 I would like to thank and share my appreciation to all my amazing friends and partners that helped making the visit of ISM MBA students delegation week’s visit to Israel🇮🇱, impactful, educational, memorable and overall fantastic.

The list is long and prestigious, filled with people you all want to meet, listen to, be inspired by and share with your networks.

So here they are, in order of the week’s schedule only, but by credentials all number 1 😉

👏🏻 Thanks Dr. Vita Akstinaite and ISM University of Management and Economics for your trust, partnership and collaboration.

Thank you dear students for sharing and showing character, cooperation, compliments and especially for visiting Israel with no prejudice and with best intents to explore, meet, learn and enjoy the Startup Nation!

Your shining eyes and big smiles tell it all.🤩

Looking forward to meet you during my coming visit to Vilnius, Dec. 8th-12th, and remember….

🌍Always a pleasure meeting people from the industry of UAVs, Drones and Robotics 🤖, especially when one of our CanAx Accelerator’s startups FlyZone and Safer Sky winners of the Dronegev 2022, is presenting today at UVID.

Had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Uzi Landau Chairman of Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Ziv Bet-Or, VP Biz Dev CanNegev as well as many other long time friends🙂

UVID partnered with Yeruham municipality and CanNegev in promoting the unmanned aerial vehicles, education and innovation.

CanAx Accelerator 2022

I love it when a plan comes together!
Nothing better than engaged audience, great speakers, good food and innovative atmosphere.
If you already applied to CanAx or any CanNegev advanced programs CanRe & CanUp , know you’re in good hands and up for success.
We have 5 more available seats CanAx, reserved for Negev early stage entrepreneurs.
Registration closes on Sept. 22nd.
For more about CanAx:

<strong>Negev Web Developers September Meetup 2022</strong>

Great meetup, educational and inspiring.✨

👏🏻 Thanks to all participants and speakers. Thanks Yanai Edri for the invitation and Dekel Bar for the hospitality Wix.

Inviting you to explore more about CanAx accelerator, apply and share with friends: 📌 <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”></a>
We are open for ALL technological ideas from the Negev, offering professional mentoring and funding up to 3M NIS.

Join us next week, Sep. 14th at 19:00 CanNegev Local Startup Summit in Yeruham to meet and discuss more about our programs, while enjoying our delicious hospitality 😉

📌 Register here: <a href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”></a>

Drones Tech | CanAx Accelerator

🇮🇱 Israel accelerating to become Drones Tech superpower.

Israeli UAV and Drones startups and companies keep leading the global markets, flying head on to solve civilian needs in agriculture, urban transport and deliveries door2door, security and safety. 🎯

Enjoyed my visit to Titan Innovations , meeting CEO Yahav Regev, Maor Messinger and Menahem Landau. A diversity of drone software and hardware R&D capabilities under one roof.

As CanAx Accelerator, part of CanNegev Incubator, about to launch its 2nd applications call out in Yeruham, Drones technologies will be one of its main tech clusters!

Stay tuned as we soon go live.

DroNegev 2022

DroNegev was a success! ⭐

Amazing ideas were born during the event, by talented people that met yesterday morning for the first time. Congrats to the winners, receiving substantial funding to pursue technology development.

It was also a great occasion to announce the launching CanAx Accelerator 2nd cohort, under my management, to publish applications call-out during August 2022.
Well done to all participants, mentors and jury.

👏🏼 Special Thanks the management Israel Birenbaum, Ziv Beit-Or, Michali Beeri, as well as Alon Unger.
To hosting municipality Mayor Tal Ohana and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Chairman Dr. Uzi Landau.
CanNegev partners: Padagis Israel, OurCrowd, BOL Pharma and Israel Innovation Authority Hai Avital.

✅ Stay tuned for CanAx Accelerator call out and see you in DroNegev 2023.

SID-Tech Accelerator Demo Day 2022

🏆 SID-Tech Accelerator Demo Day marked the end of 6 months hard work of the 13 startups in 3rd cohort, and was an awesome demonstration of skills, innovation and support of all involved, startuppers, mentors, investors and stakeholders.

🔊 I’m proud and thankful to all involved in promoting innovation in Israel’s periphery cities in the Negev region. Special thanks to SMB agency, MaofTech, Sderot, Shaar Hanegev and joining municipalities for enabling and financing the accelerator, my colleagues Segal Levi and Igal Bracha for your support and involvement, our partnering companies and to our amazing startuppers, for standing up to the mission throughout the program and for make dreams turn into kickass startups.

✅ Registration for 4th cohort will soon open, stay tuned for the call out.