🔊 Delighted to join the jury panel of MTVentures 4th AgeTech startups LIVE Competition and Dr. Yael Sorek-benvenisti, CEO of MTVentures. We expect the impact of COVID on senior population is significant, hence the opportunities for disruptive startups to emerge and offer innovative solutions.

We call for innovative startups with creative business models to apply by Thursday March 25th. 📌 Competition is open for Israeli based startups with MVP & initial traction or an identified customer base.

🏆 Cash reward – 5000$ and consultation!

Disclosure: My photo is from 3rd edition 2019 pre-COVID and pre lifestyle change of diet & exercise, my personal solution for anti aging.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran
Startups & Accelerators Guru


It takes only a spark✨ to start galaxies 💫and to create an idea.

Start InNegev 1st cohort launched!

18 exciting startups participated in the opening event, together with InNegev Incubator management, partnering and supporting companies, including Israel Innovation Authority and the program mentors.

Start InNegev startups include #Agtech, #Cleantech, #Foodtech, and #Industry4.0 technologies.

The hard work starts now, Start InNegev!

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

🔊 Join me for Startup Funding Summit 2021 and learn how to succeed in Fund Raising for your #Startup. I’m delighted to participate as a keynote speaker in the conference organized by World Finance Council.

📆 Date: March 19, 2020, 9:30 AM
📌 Topic: Startups Exits Strategy from Corona Pandemic
🔊 Block your calendars!

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran
Startups & Accelerators Guru


Agetech startup competition. 2020

Amazing young audience, engaged, supportive and eager to learn. Yael Sorek-benvenisti, kudos for promoting wellbeing for 3rd and 4th age populations, supported by Migdali Hayam Hatichon fund.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Hardware World Podcast / 2020

📌Its a great way to start the new year with such podcast.
🎙I was glad to talk and share some insights about acceleration programs from my vast experience of launching 14 acceleration programs in various technology clusters. What is #accelerator program? Can it help my #startup? What is right accelerator for me? Will it help me to grow and reach funding? Can accelerator help me to launch my #technology?
👏🏻I want to thank Lior Ansher Eshel on this awesome interview and his innovative idea to take the Hardware world and create a Podcast on it!
📍Please tune in, subscribe, share in the following links:
Apple Podcast:
Website: www.hardwarenation.co.il
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran


Ga2Tech SID-Tech / 2020

💡Corona is upon us but Startups must keep on pushing ahead. Awesome investor’s panel yesterday, over 40 startups participated.📈

🖥Panelists Anna Moshe, Guy Zbarsky Sharon Chen Amit Svarzenberg, Ofer HaCohen Chai Avital.
Challenging times call on people willing to adjust and persevere.

👏Thanks all for making the effort.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran


360 Cyber Security Summit and Expo / 2020

📈The meaning of Israeli Chutzpa has yet another twist. Tal Kollender, 🛡gytpol CEO, a young startup company by its own right, made it almost to the Top.
What an honor and pride to walk between the giants of the industry at CPX 360 Cyber Security Summit and Expo – Vienna 🆙
💪Go gytpol!!!

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Interview with Entrepreneurship and Business course by Small and Medium Businesses Agency / 2020

💡Interviewed as part of an Entrepreneurship and Business course by Small and Medium Businesses Agency, sharing my experience and some best practices.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Blitz בליץ on Exit Strategies for Startups from Coronavirus / 2020

🇮🇱It was fun and exciting to talk at Blitz בליץ on Exit Strategies for Startups from Coronavirus, together with my awesome host Tal Hazi, Blitz Founder & CEO.

⭐️I would like to thank all the participants and their valuable comments, hoping this webinar motivated you to be optimistic and get yourself and your business ready for the Day After Corona.

💡Be proactive and always remember;
It all start(-up)s with you.

✅Watch the full webinar on Facebook: 👉https://www.facebook.com/BlitzTalks/videos/290495331976489/?vh=e&d=n

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Startup Nation V4 / 2020

Practice makes Perfect!
💡Startups are a different breed of people, doers, makers, go-getters, and yes also dreamers. I hope my speech conducted Startup Nation style, will push you to be proactive and use your full potential, considering failure as a building block for success.
🇸🇰 🇵🇱 🇮🇱 🇨🇿 🇭🇺
Thank you Tal Ben-Ari Israeli Embassy to Poland and other Israeli Embassies to Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, as well as to all the startup founders that participated.

📌Watch the full webinar: https://youtu.be/VOTgH4wuu-g

Hope to see you again and don’t forget;❗
Its all about what YOU DO, and less about what you’re gonna do!

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Digital Hackathon Smart7- Open B7 Data / 2020

🇮🇱 I was delighted to be a Keynote Speaker in the Digital Hackathon Smart7- Open B7 Data, held in the city of Beer-Sheva, also known as the Cyber Capital of Israel. The main target of the event was to ideate and kickstart development of Urban solutions for the New Normal of COVID19 day to day challenges.

🐙 Proud of Oktopous team Dima Gusyatiner & Ruslan Fligel, participating in #Disruptech Accelerator for wining 2nd place out of 17 groups competing.

🐙 Oktopous offers businesses to advertise on all social networks via its single interface portal, to their designated customers as well as receiving their feedback and requests, from all networks in one place, and yes there is more to come….

📌Watch the full webinar on Youtube: https://youtu.be/xJaDZ4s9H0I

Well done to all teams.👍
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

IHLS Startups Accelerator 8th Batch / 2020

🛡We are IHLS startups Accelerator, the leading Security and Defense startups program since 2016, inviting you to apply for the 8th cohort.

🔋Accelerate your #startups with top experts and #mentors, utilize international access to potential #customers and partners, enjoy a vast reach to global #funds and exposure.

📌Apply here:

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran


UnistreamYouth Entrepreneurship Program / 2020

⭐️Enjoyed being part of the judges panel on Unistream- Youth Entrepreneurship Program, startup’s pitch.

💬 3 groups ages 15-18 presented, their creative startup ideas.

📜Unistream operates 21 technology entrepreneurship centers throughout Israel 🇮🇱, present in 75 municipalities, with 3,500 youth participants annually. I was delighted judging the Akko (Acre) municipality Unistream center, as my late grandfather Mr. Joseph Catran, was Mayor of the city.

🎯Unistream’s mission is to improve Israeli society, by training underprivileged Israeli teens and young adults in entrepreneurship and leadership, in both the business and social arenas.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran

Hacking and Cyber Security Briefing / 2020

c0c0n 2020 (13th Addition) proved to be the best one yet, with over 5,000 delegates worldwide and 40M viewers. I trust my esteemed panelists hands-on experience and use cases, will benefit our attending audience during these neurotic and unpredictable times.

⭐️ Stay vigilant to what you don’t see, and attentive to possibilities you’ve never considered before.
Knowledge is key for evolution, and cyber will forever be the uncharted realm of imagination and ingenuity.

See you at c0c0n 2021 🙂

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! 🚀🚀🚀
Tal Catran


IHLS startups Accelerator 7th wave 2020

IHLS startups Accelerator 7th wave successfully launched with 9 awesome startups, all with MVPs, some with first adaptors and sales. We now have on board 5 Drone companies, 1 Geospace, 1 IT System, 1 SAR Simulator and 1 Laser Tech.
💡We welcome investors, funds, corporates, mentors and all-around professionals, to reach out and engage with our amazing startups.

If you believe hard enough in yourself and what you do if you are willing to give it your outmost, if you are kind to share your experience, over time you will receive recognition and be given opportunities to do so a greater scale.📈

The Marker Journal 2020

👏Thank you Yoel Zafrir (Editor), for inviting me to be part of TheMarker Online Israeli Hi-Tech book December 2019 in collaboration with IATI (Israel Advanced Technology Industries).
I hope you will all enjoy reading.

👉🏻 https://www.haaretz.co.il/st/inter/Global/magazine/Haaretz/2019/12%20Dec/hitech/index.html


CyberTech Global 2020

🇮🇱 Amazing atmosphere here at CyberTech Global 2020, a global platform and meeting place for the Cyber industry from all over the world, showcasing Israel’s cutting edge #Cyber Security Technologies.🛡

🤝Great opportunity to meet old time friends and colleagues from Israel Aerospace Industries, AT&T, as well as successful startups like gytpol.

📌On special request of Mrs Esti Peshin, Israel Aerospace Industries VP&General Manager, I’m changing my slogan this one time to,
Don’t Hesitate, Innovate!!! 🚀🚀🚀

Microsoft for Startups 2020

🤝Pleasure meeting Amit Svarzenberg Israel Partnerships Manager at Microsoft for Startups, to finalize launching a partnership with Tal Catran’s accelerators, offering both startups and alumni to enjoy an amazing package of services, credits and benefits by Microsoft 💻

📍Stay tuned for more details in the coming days.
Tamar (my little helper) had a great time as well 😊



15 יזמות ויזמים ובקרוב מאד סטרטאפיסטים מעולים הצטרפו למפגש וספגו ניסיון וידע מהסטרטאפיסטית יוצאת הדופן מאי פיאמנטה כמו גם ממנהלי אקסלרטור טל כתרן ועומרי דאי. התחלה מצויינת ורבת פוטנציאל. אנו מזמינים מצטרפים אחרונים להגיש את מועמדותם כבר בימים הקרובים
⏳בלינק הבא:
יוצאים לדרך בתחילת מרץ,

Israel Aviation Conference 2019

colleagues, kudos IAC and Israel’s leading airlines.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

Israel Aviation Conference 2019, Privileged to meet General Amikam Norkin Commander of the Israeli Air Force and retired Air Force Commander General Avihu Ben-Nun.

Proud to take part in #unistream 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Competition. I invite you to join and watch 80 ground breaking Startup companies led by a thousand talented youth from the periphery and all parts of the Israeli society.

Registration: http://bit.ly/ticketsyazam

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


Startup Ecosystem in Germany 2019

Fun meeting leading startup ecosystem figures and learn how to conduct business and raise funds in Germany. Special welcome to Tanja Sternbauer for formally joining our kickass StartupNation community.

TMTI 2019

Always a pleasure meeting friends and colleagues, this time during TMTI #TheChallenge competition.

Sid-Tech Launch 2019

Excited to launch SID-Tech Accelerator in the western Negev city of Sderot, Israel, in corporation with #MaofTech and SMBs Agency- Ministry of Economy and Industry.
Honoring the event were Economy & Industry Minister Eli Cohen, Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi, Director of SMBs Agency Ran Kiviti and Maof-Tech South Branch Director Effi Machlev.
Proud to establish my #13 Accelerator in Sderot, facing challenges yet uncovering potential. Stay tuned and supportive.

Israel-Jinan Tech & Innovation Seminar

Time to Hackfest Innovation, Technology and have lots of Fun. Join me at #UNLIMITED and share your ingenuity, creativity and skills, I promise to share mine. www.unlimited.az

Pleasure participating in Israel-Jinan Tech & Innovation Seminar, discussing with Mr. Sun Shutao Mayor of Jinan city, the opportunity to establish the 1st Israel-Jinan Innovation Hub, as well as forging cooperation with Israeli startups. Ben Bar Chairman at ICI, thank you for enabling Israeli startups and companies business opportunities in China. Moti Hirsh Meir great job representing HAIFA City-עיר חיפה my hometown, xièxie (she she)
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

HANGAR Event 2019

Excited for the opportunity to make an impact on startups and founders.
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

See how we did it last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3zczzW41B0
This year its even better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=34&v=NlGSoo5NeLk
HANGAR: https://www.hangar-labs.com/
Check out who’s gonna be there: https://www.iac19.com/


ISDEF Expo Event

Join us at ISDEF Expo and support your favorite security tech startup on its potential journey to CSF Ventures Incubator in #Singapore.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!! 2019


I welcome you all today to join us and see firsthand how to develop state of the art Backend within hours. Use this opportunity to network and get introduced to people sharing your passion.

✪ It’s never late to start fresh ✪


National Cyber Security legislation and regulation 2018

Participated in the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee first open discussion regarding National Cyber Security legislation and regulation, dialog between Israel’s Cyber ecosystem and National Cyber Authority, and professional Cyber training, headed by Cyber Subcommittee Chairlady & Parliament Member Dr. Anat Berko, and joined by leading Israeli Cyber Security companies. Joining the discussion was Parliament Member Mr. Avi Dichter, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.



Had the pleasure of meeting a great lineup of disruptive startups, for a constructive mentoring session, hosted by HANGAR – Commercial Aviation Innovation Lab.

Cargo Experience Challenge will take place on June 24th in IAI – Israel Aerospace Industries, offering a unique opportunity to showcase technology and forge partnerships towards a successful launch.


Unistream’s 2018 Event

Proud to be a part of Unistream’s 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year Competition Judging Panel.
גאה להיות חלק מצוות השופטים בתחרות יזם השנה 2018 של עמותת יוניסטרים – המצמיחה את הדור הבא של יזמים עסקיים וחברתיים.
I invite you to join and watch 60 ground breaking Startup companies led by a thousand talented youth from the periphery and all parts of the Israeli society.
On August 1st in heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv, This is our chance to take time out from the daily grind, and to place the periphery in the center of business.

For more information and registration: https://bit.ly/2kCMR0H

Looking forward to see you all there!

Join us and meet Israel’s future startups founders and business leaders.
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

HAIFA Event 2018

המתבצעת בעיר חיפה בנושאי חדשנות, יזמות טכנולוגית והשקעות, בראשות גדי מרגלית מנכ”ל עיריית חיפה. גילוי נאות, נולדתי בחיפה בשנת 1969 ולימים אף העברתי בה חלק משירותי הצבאי במסגרת קורס חובלים ושירותי הימי. מה הלאה מכאן, עוד נראה……אולי Start Haifa.
(עוד בתמונה, רונית עקיבא- סמנכ”לית העמותה לתיירות ונופש חיפה
וד”ר גלית רנד- ראש אגף תכנון אסטרטגי ומחקר)
Concluding a meeting with Director General of Haifa Municipality, Mr. Gadi Marglit and his staff, discussing the many activities conducted in Haifa, related to technology innovation, entrepreneurship and startup investments. I was born in Haifa (1969) and later in time joined the Naval Academy located in its harbor. What’s to come is still TBD…. maybe START HAIFA (international startup


אירוע פרידה מרגש מד”ר משה שביט, מנהל מרכז היזמות ואופק אשכולות המכללה האקדמית אורט בראודה כרמיאל. הכרתי לראשונה את משה בשנת 2013 אז ניתנה לי הזכות לייסד במכללה, ביחד עם משה, את ‘מאיץ הגליל’ ולנהל אותו יחדיו במהלך 4 שנים. הכרתי אדם מדהים, מקצוען ברמ”ח אבריו, צנוע הליכות, שידוע בכישרונו לעשות, לדלוור ובעיקר לחבר בין אנשים ולהיות חבר לחיים. מכולנו, איחולי הצלחה בהמשך דרכך, בתקווה שנמשיך לצעוד לצידך.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

Enjoyed meeting Luciana G P Detoni and the Brazilian delegation visiting israel to promote ScaleUp in Brazil, a Landing Pad for Israeli Tech Companies, helping Israeli startups set operations in the Brazilian market. The program is designed by Abvcap, Apex-Brasil Israel ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor Brazil.

See: https://lnkd.in/ewSb2es

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


Join us and Celebrate, we gonna have a Party 🎉🍷
Don’t Hesitate Accelerate!!! EVE – Femtech Hub
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/invite-friends?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&utm-source=strongmail&eid=60366951176

CSF Ventures Event

Singapore is one of the tech-savviest smart cities in the world, serving as a hotbed for startups and entrepreneurs. We invite you to take a shot at joining CSF Ventures Incubator and developing your own startup in Singapore.
Apply Here: bit.ly/CSF-Startup-Competition

Singapore sizzling Startup Scene: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/333703

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


Israel’s leading airlines CEOs debating about Aviconomy future of Israel. No smiles recorded! Time to take action.

Missed me? Here I Judge again :))
Apply TODAY for “The Challenge” start-up competition, 1st place wins $250,000 investment by TAU Ventures, others get center stage attention and media exposure.

Registration ends July 5th: http://www.tmti.co.il/thechallenge/

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


אתם מתעניינים, אנחנו מארגנים! מזמינים אתכם לפגוש ולשמוע את סיפורם האישי של Aviram Siboni יזם סדרתי מצליח ושל Yodan Piret יזם שסיים בהצלחה ממש בימים אלה את המחזור הראשון של האקסלרטור Ga2Tech, על האתגרים שחוו בדרכם הארוכה להצלחה. הצטרפו אלינו לערב מרתק וחוויתי במהלכו תכירו גם אותנו Avia Rachvalsky-Shemesh ו- Tal Catran מנהלי אקסלרטור SID-Tech בשדרות.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

Registration: https://maof5.inwise.net/1222



Dear Femtechers,

On Sunday, we are hosting a MeetUp with Senior Israeli healthcare professionals are aiming to create a professional dialogue on how to embed your technology in large corporations.
We would love to meet you!

Tal Catran Sharon Rashi-Elkeles Ferring Pharmaceuticals Regional Office Bio-Technology General Rambam Health Care Campus – Hospital Ronya Rubinstein Haim Cohen Pearl Cohen Zedek Lazer


Tadmor Levy & Co

I’ll be judging in Tadmor Levy & Co., start-up competition “From Linear to Circular”, covering PropTech, FoodTech, AgriTech, and other relevant industries, which will form part of the annual “Environment 2050 Conference” at the Hilton Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel on 7th January 2020.

🗝If you’re a young start-up looking for exposure and a platform to present, this is your #opportunity!

📌Learn more about the #competition, come and engage with us, and spread the word!

📌Register here: http://tadmorlevy.activetrail.biz/Environment-2050

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀

Integrity Software & #gytpol event

🛡 Integrity Software & #gytpol event lunched.
Amazing vibes, awesome professional audience.
💡More to follow…

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀


⚠️Mind the Gap!

📌We all enjoyed an informative and insightful panel of leading #medical industry players, discussing how to bridge between early-stage #startups to first adaptors and potential collaborators looking to assimilate #innovative technologies.

🎯One of our major targets at EVE – Femtech Hub is to guide and assist women #health startups in penetrating their target market, in #Israel and globally, as well as to familiarize them with the medical industry expectations. For more about this topic and others, reach out to us directly.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!🚀🚀🚀

יום מעורר השתאות🙂 איזה אקוסיסטם מופלא צמח לנו פה ברפואה דיגיטלית. גאה להיות חלק ממנו ושמחה לחלוק אותו עם כ”כ הרבה קולגות מדהימות ומדהימים. כל הכבוד ל- HealthIL (formerly known as BeWell.il) על הארוע ועל טיפוח האקוסיסטם. Tal Catran ואני נהיה במתחם ה-b2b נשמח לפגוש אתכם🙂
EVE – Femtech Hub


Smart Match B2B week is underway at Powerhouse TLV by Innonation.
This one of its kind event, brings together dozens of Israeli and Chinese companies for 1-on-1 meetings, touching on effectiveness and practical outcome. Be sure to join an follow before July 11th. www.innonation.io

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


CSF Ventures Incubator startup competition at ISDEF Expo was exciting and filled with cutting edge technologies, awesome startup and supportive audience. Congrats to the winners #Naboo, #Intellact and Loginno, as well as Kudos to the esteem Judges and gracious organizers and hosts. See you next in #Singapore

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!



Ga2Tech Accelerator first Demo Day was exciting and educational. Our startups founders stepped out of their comfort zone and gave an awesome show. Many thanks to our distinguished guests and to Taglit Innovation Center. Stay tuned for July 30th and join our final event.
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

EVE – Femtech Hub

#Femtech in Israel, led by EVE – Femtech Hub, home to a unique mixture of technology startups and female/male founders, now resides in Powerhouse TLV. We thank our gracious supporters and many friends for venturing with us to the realms of Femtech and beyond.
Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

Startup Championship Competition 2018

I was privileged to be the opening speaker in a series of webinars, joined by over 1,400 teenage students (ages 15-18), in preparation for the Startup Championship Competition, organized by the Israeli Education Ministry, to take place on March 20th 2018. Good Luck to all participating and see you in my next webinar.

Unistream 2018

Pleasure introducing Unistream’s activity to ambassadors and diplomats, who joined the Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 Competition, as well as my son Guy (handsome boy in the red shirt). Amazing vibs, cool startups and awesome youth. Many Thanks to Ambassadors of: Colombia, Macedonia, Georgia, Ghana, Cyprus, Argentina, Netherlands

ה-IHLS startups Accelerator בשיתוף מחלקת תכנון ומטה/מדור לטכנולוגיות וחדשנות באגף לתמיכה לוגיסטית (את”ל) Israel Police – משטרת ישראל, ערך יום עיון טכנולוגי מקצועי, במסגרתו הציג בפני סגל הפיקוד הבכיר, בראשות ניצב בועז גלעד (ראש את”ל), טכנולוגיות פורצות דרך בתחומי קלינטק, חימוש, וידאו אנליטיקס, אמצעי ראיה ומעקב מתקדמים וכן סקירה על תחום הבלוקצ’ין המתפתח, כל אלה פרי סטארטאפים בוגרי תוכנית האקסלרטור, זאת בהמשך לפתיחת מתחם החדשנות באת”ל, שיאפשר למשטרת ישראל לבחון טכנולוגיות חדשות בתחומים שונים ולבצע פיילוטים לבחינת התאמתם לצרכי המשטרה, בהצלחה!


רוחות חדשות מנשבות בעיר חיפה אך נראה כי זרעי החדשנות כבר נזרעו בה. שמחתי לבקר, בליווי גלית רנד ראש אגף אסטרטגיה ומחקר, במספר מעוזי סטארטאפים המתפתחים בעיר בקצב מסחרר וראוי לציון.

New winds are blowing in the city of Haifa, but it seems the seeds of innovation have already been planted there. Enjoyed visiting, accompanied by Galit Rand, heading the Strategy and Research Department in Haifa Municipality, in several start-up strongholds that are developing in the city at a remarkable pace.

Re:Tech Innovation Hub

About time Retail met Disruption. Fantastic event, great speakers, panels and startups. #StartupNation is wearing the latest trends in Fashion & Technology. Enjoyed moderating the investor’s panel. Kudos Re:Tech Innovation Hub for a job well done 👏

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

AUS&R UNMANNED  Systems & Robotics Event

The 6th AUS&R launched and Israeli Systems & Robotics industries have gathered to demonstrate state of the art technologies.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

HANGAR innovation lab

When innovation stems from the company’s DNA, supported by its top management, you know you’re in the right place. Cargo Challenge Experience, initiated by Israel Aerospace Industries HANGAR innovation lab, was duly honored by the participation of IAI’s Chairman Mr. Harel Locker and new CEO Mr. Nimrod Sheffer, who was also amongst the Jury panel alongside Dov Moran, Assaf Tamir and Hangar manager Zviya Baron. Wishing the 3 elected startups joining Hangar, best of luck.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

iHLS Startup Competition

iHLS Startup Competition is well on it’s way and the heat is on. Respected Jury, awesome audience and fantastic technology startups.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!


Fash&Tech 2017

Had the pleasure visiting the recently launched Fash&Tech Hub, hosting cutting edge Retail Tech startups, such as Hexa, Proonto, Loox, Wishi and soon also leading international brands.

Great location, awesome design and fantastic management, Yael Kochman and Alla Foht.

I warmly recommend all to visit.

Meeting between Cyeint Executive Directors and iHLS accelerator 2017

iHLS management team had the pleasure of welcoming Cyeint Executive Directors to iHLS accelerator and roadshowing several of its startups, Light line, Ensura c&c, ImpleoTV & 3DOR.
Cyeint had recently joined the accelerator’s sponsors and steering committee along side IAI, Elbit, Verint, Raytheon, HFN &, PWC & Lighthouse. Cyeint would guide and help iHLS startups reach first adaptors in India.


Startup Festival 2017

First batch of Startup Festival 2017 mentoring day.
50 startups will take part in polishing thier pitch.
More to come….


Startup Festival and Startup Live Competition 2017
We all look forward to meeting you next week. Startup your engines!!!

#talcatran #iHLSaccelerator #startupfestival

CityTechLab Demo Day 2017

About to go live, CityTechLab Demo Day for Urban Technologies. Stay tuned….


SCE Accelerator 2017

Startup SCE accelerator session getting ready for our Demo Day pitch event during June in TLV.

InnMind Interview 2017

Sharing my experience with Startup Founders considering applying for Accelerators worldwide, using InnMind, a Swiss-based company, that developed a global entrepreneurial community platform, enabling startups, investors and ecosystem experts, to meet and engage in professional mentoring and fundraising.

InnMind Co-Founders are Nelli Orlova & Katerina Voronova

The interview would air on June 20th at: https://lnkd.in/g6Dp9DE

My sequel lectures and webinars would broadcast on InnMind in the coming months. ✪ We invite you to choose the topic for the next interview:

►”How to approach investors: DOs and DON’Ts”


►”Team is everything: how to manage & motivate your kickass team”

You can do so by leaving a comment on this post or by writing to


Ministry of Foreign Affairs MCTC program 2017

Had the pleasure of sharing hand-on practices regarding startups and accelerators ecosystems, with representatives of 21 countries participating in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs MCTC program.
No doubt they would spread the word of innovation, technology and sharing in their countries.
Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Unistream’s Event 2017

Proud to be part of Unistream’s 2017 Entrepreneur of the Year Competition Judging Panel.

I invite you to join and watch sixty groundbreaking Startup companies led by hundreds of talented youth from the periphery and all parts of the Israeli society.

This is our chance to take time out from the daily grind, and to place the periphery in the center of business!

GatIT accelerator 2017

Presenting Mayor of Qiryat Gat, Mr. Aviram Dahari and the municipality senior staff, the first batch of startups participating in GatIT accelerator for Smart Cities, and receiving his full support to immerse the technologies into the city’s infrastructure and services.

She Loves Tech 2017

Promoting women entrepreneurship and girl power with Anat Avni-Papo, a business development expert with a remarkable background in investments and handholding of startups. I warmly recommend reaching out to Anat.
Thanks to our host Andrea Lee for a job well done in discussing women’s empowerment issue up close and personal. Ariela Beniluz Swed my TLV Generator partner, you ROCK!!!

AUS&R unmanned vehicles show 2017

Enjoyed moderating live demonstrations and exhibitions in AUS&R unmanned vehicles show, organised by iHLS and my partners in IHLS startups Accelerator also showcasing our startups.
Excited to have my dear father Nati Catran and adorable son Guy join me. 2 generations and hopefully the 3rd of IAI legacy.


TEDx 2016

We’re about to go live and rock the house, TEDx AllianceHS.

Unistream 2016

What an exciting and eventful conference. Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 competition by Unistream, building Israel’s backbone of future scientists, innovators and business community. Unistrem, it’s all about the doing, Join us today!!