How can I help you?

  • Q. What is Open innovation?

    A. Cooperate which is looking for to enrich its innovation by looking outside of the organization.

  • Q. How to expand my presence/exposure to the abroad?

    A. If you are looking to push on to USA, you don’t do acceleration in your own country. You need to look for accelerator in United States to do that for you.

  • Q. Is there any guarantee of the results after an acceleration program?

    A. It will always depend on entrpreneur because it is his business and he owns it 100%

    For the accelerator, he gives syllabus, meetings for you, he advises you, he mentors you helps you. But there are no guarantees anywhere. Because again there is very short time maybe about 4-6 months and that’s it. In that time I have to teach you to become an entrepreneur and you have to push your technology ahead hopefully you have the right team with you. It is not up to the accelerator it’s up to you.

  • Q. Is it a good idea for a startup to go to several startup accelerators in a row, one after another?

    A. Acceleration takes time. It’s time consuming. It’s not like you get homework in a way that you must submit for, like you are getting tested. It is a place where you bring yourself and you are getting help. It is up to you to decide how much are you are willing to invest time and efforts in taking part of programs. If you you have the time and you see the reasons for it, then you can participate in as many as you want. Again that’s not issue. The issue is that you are getting the best of what you need and you are giving your best time to use what you are getting and then again if you feel like you need it, you need to ask yourself. If you are in a program and you feel like you are missing something maybe that’s not right program for you. Again because it’s time consuming and you don’t have the time most of the startup founders I know first of all their flat broke, they don’t have the time, they are poor, they need to hold their day job. If you are having your day job and being able to go to two programs, I salute you. I mean that’s a huge effort. In reality it doesn’t happen.

  • Q. How much time is a startup expected to invest in the acceleration program?

    A. If you are going to a program where you meet everyday for 6 hours. You will accelerate in 2 months.

    If you are just sitting in a Co-sharing office that will give you lectures maybe once a week for 6 hours. Then probably it will take 3 to 4 months.

    If you are in programs like I do where you meet twice a month for 3 hours and the rest of the time is one on one with me then my program last for 6 months.

    So all in all it will be about 12 meetings and 50 to 60 hours in total. This is like every program in the world that I know. It differentiate what is the rate that you would like to get

  • Q. At which stage can a startup address to an accelerator?

    A. An accelerator when he publishes that he sends a callout and says I am open the next bench. He will say straight off what is looking for He will work for what i called power point startup meaning all you have is a PowerPoint or you have an MVP I can tell you that you must have MVP. Because wasting someone’s time on PowerPoint Although it is important, To do that in in an acceleration program is a waste of time. Because then you do have a great presentation And you know how to pitch it But you have no Technology And you are competing on technology. So the accelerator will tell you what he is looking for and he will tell you he is looking for a Startup For a pre-seed stage having only a PowerPoint presentation then you have it he will look for you. I am pushing my own programs to have an MVP. Because again acceleration time is very short. If you come with a PowerPoint presentation, What do you expect to get in 4 months or in 5 months? Probably not much, so it is a problem it is a challenge. But puting all this aside I would recommend for startups get into an acceleration.

  • Q. What a Startup founder can expect from accelerator?

    A. Just for simple reason not all accelerators are the same. They are different by subject. They are different by their investors. They are different by their network. If you look for Investment in medical devices, you look for the right accelerator that deals with this technology. So you understand it, start with asking the right question yourself. Always recommended, get some recommendation from veteran mentor and then you push on and the social media is full of those people. Go on Linkedin and Facebook just ask questions and you will get the right answers.

  • Q. What Startup founder will have to do himself?

    A. Before a Startup founder can expect something from someone, He needs to know what he expects from himself and from his startup. If you are now in pre-seed or seed stage and looking for funding, If you already have a MVP and looking to launch your alpha and beta, you’re looking for someone that will host this, If you are already running startup And you look for a CTO or you want to push on and commercialize meaning outside your country. So each and every issue above is the question that needs to be answered by the founder. Once he knows what he wants, then he can look and find the best accelerator.

  • Q. How could you convince an investor and raise money for your startup?

    A. As a start-up, don’t ask an investor for money. Convince them with your team and your technology and with your ability to monetize what you are doing. Machine and technology don’t raise money, people do. Therefore, you yourself need to be convinced of your business idea and our business model. How could you convince an investor if you yourself doubt what you are doing?

  • Q. Is cooperation and collaboration with other startups essential?

    A. Ask other start-ups you know to help you. You will both learn from each other and progress with your own start-up. The collaboration between start-ups is essential, because it pushes everyone involved. Cooperation is what separates start-ups from companies: start-ups will always help one another, while companies compete.

  • Q. What is the right mindset of entrepreneur?

    A. Entrepreneurs are a special brand, because they take risks. As an entrepreneur you don’t wait until someone else solves a problem or satisfies customers’ demands and needs. Instead of complaining about a problem or a need, you motivate yourself and go for the solution. Moreover, you have to give your very best. At this moment, 20 other people might have just the same idea that you have. So, don’t waste your time or other’s time. Go for it, network and talk to people, push your idea, help others and make them help you and cooperate with you. As long as you do not ask for money, people will love to help you.

  • Q. How can startup get government support?

    A. Government has the possibility to spread large amounts of money. Still, we are talking about the taxpayers’ money, so a government of course will have to explain to its people why it is going to invest in a start-up. This takes time and makes government not a quick investor. Furthermore, government will try to make sure that the people who get the money know what to do with it, know how to handle the money, how to develop a technology, how to become a business.

  • Q. How to succeed your startup?

    A. To succeed a start-up, you need the mentorship, acceleration for instance, incubators, and of course the government. When investors are shy to invest because they want more stability in the product, they want some incomes, some customers, they will not invest in the early stages. So this is when the government comes in.

    Who are the major players in national startups ecosystem?

    The players in national startups ecosystem are government, universities, SMBs.

  • Q. Who needs to be in startup team?

    A. The team needs to involve a unifier, a visionary, a manager CEO who can raise the funds, and then you need a technical part of the team CTO, that can develop the technology. Without a real need, a business model, a team and a technology, you ain’t going nowhere.

  • Q. How am I going to earn the money as a startup?

    A. You need a business model. Then you need support, specifically money and a team.

  • Q. What do startups need at the beginning?

    A. Start-ups first of all need a good idea, something what you call a need shared by a large community.

  • Q. How to turn ideas into a business, commercialize and monetize them in Israel?

    A. The start-up ecosystem in Israel is vast and big. Israel operates about 5.000 start-ups, which are registered as we say. We got a large community supporting the start-ups like Academy, Industry, Municipalities, mentors, investors, venture capitalists and of course the Government. Whatever a start-up needs to establish itself and grow, Israel has it.