SID Tech Accelerator

šŸ”Š I am delighted to share that I was chosen to continue to manageĀ SID Tech Acceleratorā€™s 3rd, an initiative of the Ministry of Economy, the Agency for Small and Medium Business through Maof-Tech, Maof Sderot and in cooperation with Sderot Municipality and Sha’ar Hanegev, Sdot Negev, Eshkol and Ashkelon Beach.

āœ… The program offers a rich content of professionalĀ #lectures, personal mentoring, internationalĀ #networking,Ā #capitalĀ raising assistance and a variety of benefits.

āœ… In the third cycle, emphasis will be placed on startuppers from the Negev region who developĀ #innovativeĀ technologies on topics such as Civilian Resilience in Emergencies.

#EntrepreneursĀ interested in joining the program are invited to apply through the website.
šŸ“† Reserve your sear today, the program will initiate August 2021.
šŸ“Œ For registration:Ā
šŸ“Œ Additional information:Ā