HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition

Calling All Startups

HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneurship Competition is ON

I am delighted to partner with Holo Zheng and announce HICOOL 2021 Global Entrepreneur Summit and Entrepreneurship Competition.

We call on startups from all over the world to apply and take their best shot in winning the following

7 First Prizes, each 300K USD
21 Second Prizes, each 150K USD
42 Third Prizes, each 75K USD
70 Fourth Prizes, each 30K USD

How to apply
Registration is open until June 15

We’re mostly interested in the following technologies

‍  AI / FinTech
Healthcare and Medicine
New Generation Information Technology
High-end Equipment
New Energy / Materials
Cultural Creativity

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!
Tal Catran
Startups & Accelerators Guru

“A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study.” This saying was proven correct today by both Chinese and Israelis. Pleasure meeting distinguished guests and begin fostering new opportunity.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

Israel-Jinan Tech & Innovation Seminar 2019

Pleasure participating in Israel-Jinan Tech & Innovation Seminar, discussing with Mr. Sun Shutao Mayor of Jinan city, the opportunity to establish the 1st Israel-Jinan Innovation Hub, as well as forging cooperation with Israeli startups. Ben Bar Chairman at ICI, thank you for enabling Israeli startups and companies business opportunities in China.

China and Israel, worlds apart in culture, language, existence and size, but in the presence of innovation, cooperation, knowledge and appreciation, find creative ways to communicate.

Meetings and discussions with senior investment funds, government and municipal officials, scholars and business leaders in Shenzhen and Taiyuan.

Don’t Hesitate, Accelerate!!!

CIMC 2018 China

I was honored to be the keynote speaker and judges panel member at 2018 China Heyuan International Mobile Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (CIMC2018). Respect to all startups participating, congrats to the 10 winners expected to visit China later this months and Kudos to the organizing team Ohad Marom & Lior Wayn as well as to the esteem judges.