CanAx is a 10 week acceleration program, designed to upgrade the skills of startuppers developing Medical Cannabis, healthcare and well-being based tech solutions, that can benefit from professional mentoring, advanced laboratories and co-working space, international networking and VC funding.

Start InNegev is an 8 weeks Pre-Incubation program, designed to improve the skills of startuppers to join InNegev Incubator as well as introducing their ideas to InNegev industrial partners. Negev, Israel (since 2020)

Startups Bootcamp V4, for visegrád countries Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia startuppers. SBV4 is a Pre Acceleration program, designed to upgrade the skills of startuppers, supported by Israeli experts, local mentors, and partners. (since 2020)

DisrupTech is a Technology Business Accelerator targeting start-up entrepreneurs, in all development stages, from idea onwards, to boost both founders and startups to success, based in Dimona, Israel (since 2020)

SID-Tech – Israeli Government Ministry of Economy and Industry & Municipality of Sderot and surrounding communities (since 2019)

Ga2Tech Accelerator – Israeli Government Ministry of Economy and Industry & Municipality of Kiryat Gat and neighboring cities (since 2019)


TLV Generator – From idea to a fundable startup within 90 days, including professional tailored made mentoring, based in Tel-Aviv (since 2017)

iHLS- 1st in the world Defense and Home Land Security Accelerator, supported by the leading defense companies in Israel, based in Tel-Aviv (since 2016)


EVE Femtech Hub – Women Digital Health, the 1st in Israel Women health tech hub, based in Tel-Aviv (since 2018)


GatIT – Smart Cities program in the Municipalitty of Kiryat Gat (2017-2018)


Startup SCE Ashdod – Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (2013-2017)


Startup SCE Beer-Sheva – Sami Shamoon College of Engineering (2013-2017)


The Galilee Accelerator – ORT Braude- College of Engineering, based in Karmiel, Galilee area of Israel (2013-2016)


Publicis TEMA Accelerator – Publicis Israel (2015-2016)


ACT Entrepreneurship – Shenkar Design College (2014-2016)


Collaborative Intelligence (CI) Accelerator, is an Indo-Israeli venture, with a unique blend of Israel’s Start-up Nation recipe and Indian Entrepreneurial spices, based in India (since 2017)

Startups Mentored


A pre-accelerator is a program focused on early-stage startups, taking them from concept to MVP (minimum viable product).
(An accelerator that focuses on the ideas validation stage.) It usually lasts for 4-8 weeks.


Startup accelerators, also known as seed accelerators, are programs that include seed investment, connections, sales, mentorship, educational components, and culminate in a public pitch event or demo day to accelerate growth.


The value of the post-accelerator services both extend the value of the accelerator program but also provide lasting value through continued access to mentors and investor networks, peer support, while startups are in the implementation phase and they are going to market and deploying the technology.